Travel Rent-a-Car is the best choice for car rentals in Okinawa

List of Rental Plans
Pick-up Location
Pick-up Date
Return Date
Car Type
  • Light vehicle
  • Compact vehicle
  • Sedan / RV
  • Estate / People carrier
  • Full Coverage Scheme Anshin Compensation

    Travel Rent-a-Car offers a Full Coverage Scheme in case of accidents during the rental period.

    Travel Rent-a-Car Full Coverage Scheme

    The above fees are inclusive of an 10% consumption tax.

    Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

    Cases where coverage is invalidated

    • An accident caused by speeding and there is evidence of violating the speed limit.
    • An accident caused by overtaking in a no-overtaking lane.
    • An accident caused by ignoring a traffic light.
    • Damage to the luggage compartment of a truck or accessory parts of a special-purpose vehicle.
    • An accident caused by ignoring a stop sign.
    • An accident caused by making an illegal right turn or U-turn.
    • An accident caused by the driver's use of mobile phone while driving.
    • Letting the battery run flat.

    * Please be sure to report the accident to the police and the sales office even in the case of a self-inflicted accident.
    * Please contact the sales office within business hours. (8:00 to 20:00)