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  • Light vehicle
  • Compact vehicle
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  • Estate / People carrier
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    How rent-a-car works

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    2. Day of Pick-up

    3. Contract


    4. Drive off

    Be careful and drive safe.

    5. Return

    Important Information Regarding Use

    * The vehicle should be handled with due care and in the good faith since the rented vehicle is placed under the care of the user during the rental period.

    Insurance coverage and cost borne by the customer in the case of a traffic accident

    • If the rented vehicle is returned to the office (still mobile) 20,000 yen
    Extending the rental period
    • We will charge a prescribed excess hour fee for approved extensions of rental period.
    • Measures provisioned in Article 28 will be taken in case of failure to return the vehicle at the time set out in the agreement without our approval. Please note that the customer will be liable for damages caused owing to the above.