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    Can I rent a car even if I am a new driver (held my full driver's license less than a year )?
    Yes, you can. However, it should be noted that there are some restrictions.
    (1) The driver must have held the full license for at least six months.
    (2) We may refuse to rent out cars to drivers who have not held their full license for six months, even if they are only a day short.
    Are there any age restrictions on renting a car?
    No, there are no age restrictions on renting a car, as long as the person has a full driver's license.
    However, we may refuse to rent out cars to drivers who are under 20 or have not held the license for six months.
    Can I rent a car with a provisional license?
    Unfortunately this is not possible.
    We can not rent out cars to provisional license holders.
    Please note that a provisional license holder can not drive a car rented by a person holding a full driver's license.
    Insurance coverage will not be valid if a provisional license holder has driven the rented car and caused an accident. (In such a case, the provisional license holder shall be liable for all expenses.)
    Can I rent a car with an international driving permit?
    A car can be rented if a passport and the following international driving permit or the like approved for driving in Japan are presented.
    (1) International driving permit: International driving permit issued by a Geneva signatory, in accordance with the prescribed format of the Geneva Conventions.
    (Driving in Japan is not permitted with international driving permits issued in accordance with the Vienna Convention or by the EU, or permits in other formats.)
    (2) License issued in the driver's country and an official Japanese translation:
    International driving permit issued by countries / regions of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and Taiwan, along with a Japanese translation provided by the embassy / consulate of the issuing country or JAF.
    Expiry will be one year after arriving in Japan or the expiry of the said license, whichever comes first.
    (Driving in Japan is not permitted when only holding international driving permits issued by the above countries / regions.)
    Can I rent a car if I forget my license when I go to pick up the car?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible.
    Cars cannot be rented out without the presentation of a driver's license.
    Please make sure to bring your license with you.
    In what circumstances would I not be able to rent a car with a valid license?
    Those circumstances include being under the influence of alcohol, failure to pay the rental fee or other charges or failure to return a vehicle during past rentals etc.


    What information do I need in order to make a booking?
    You will need to know the time and date of your rental, sales office, vehicle class, driver's name and phone number (mobile), and whether or not you need a child seat.
    How do I change / cancel my booking?
    Please phone the sales office regarding any change / cancellation of bookings.
    Does the driver have to book the car in person?
    Bookings can be made by persons other than the driver.
    However, our rental agreement stipulates that bookings are complete only with the 'express instruction of the driver', so please check with the driver before making a booking.
    Can I choose a car when making a booking?
    In general, bookings are made according to vehicle class.
    You can request a specific type of car at the time of booking, but please understand that it may not be available. In that case, we will have another type of the same class ready for you.
    A specific type can be booked at times, depending on the day and availability, so please consult the sales office about what kind of types they have.
    Can I book a car on the day of rental?
    Yes, Travel Rent-a-Car accepts bookings made by phone, even if you want to rent the car right away.
    We are able to respond promptly to sudden changes in schedules.
    However, we may not be able to meet your request depending on the availability. We recommend booking in advance when possible.
    Do I need to arrange a driver myself?
    Yes, unfortunately so,
    We ask our customers to arrange their own driver.
    This is because driving by rental car staff and the supply of drivers by car rental companies is prohibited by the law. Thank you for your understanding.
    Are all passenger cars and vans automatic transmission?
    Yes, all passenger cars and vans rented by Travel Rent-a-Car are automatic transmission vehicles.
    Do you have trucks?
    Yes, we do, but only light trucks.
    There is limited availability of light trucks, so please check with the sales office when making a booking.
    Can optional services such as child seats and car navigation system be booked?
    All our cars are installed with car navigation systems.
    Please request a child seat when making your booking.
    Child seats for babies, children and juniors can be booked online along with the car.
    Do you have shuttle bus services to and from the airport?
    Yes, we do. We operate a free shuttle bus service between the airport and sales office.
    Do you have shuttle bus services and car delivery services at Yui Rail stations and hotels?
    Unfortunately we don't provide both these services,
    Travel Rent-a-Car does not provide car delivery or pick up services.
    We do, however, provide free shuttle bus services to and from the Yui Rail Akamine Station, airport, and hotels within the service area.
    With regard to the shuttle bus service area, please check directly with the sales office when making a booking.
    Can I pick up or return a car late at night or early in the morning?
    Unfortunately we don't provide both these services,
    We do not accept pick-ups or returns outside of our business hours which are from 8:00 to 20:00.
    Can I rent a car for over a month?
    Yes, you can. Please check directly with the sales office. We have discounted monthly rates.

    Before pick-up

    What do I need to bring when I pick up the car?
    On the day of pick-up, you will need
    (1) The driver's full driving license and
    (2) the rental fee. (Cash, credit cards, and Edy etc.)
    What should I do if I'm late for the pick-up?
    Please contact the sales office if you think you are going to be late.
    Your booking will be considered as canceled if you do not arrive within two hours of your booked pick-up time, and the booked vehicle may no longer be available.


    When do I make a payment?
    The basic rate, collision damage wavier (CDW) fee, option fees, and consumption tax are paid at the time of pick-up,
    and other fees including excess hour fees are paid when returning the vehicle to the sales office.
    How are the rates calculated?
    Our rates are calculated based on the vehicle 'class' and 'period' of use.
    For details, please see the price list.

    Insurance Coverage

    In what circumstances would the insurance coverage be invalidated?
    These circumstances are when the prescribed procedures are not followed like notifying the police and our company at the time of accident, when there is a breach of the rental agreement, when the case falls in the scope of immunity or payment is exempted under the insurance policy, or when the rented vehicle was used / managed in an inappropriate way.
    Are procedures necessary even if I only scratched the car?
    Yes, they are. Regardless of the degree of damage or involvement of other parties, damage to the vehicle will be treated as an 'accident'.
    Always carry out the above procedures even for the smallest accidents.
    (Customers must bear all expenses if necessary procedures are not carried out and insurance cannot be claimed.)
    Please understand that customers must pay the following charges to compensate for the loss of use regardless of the degree of damage or time required.
    Non-Operation Charge(NOC)
    (1) If the rented vehicle is returned to the office (still mobile) 20,000 yen
    (2) Other (Other than the above (1)) 50,000 yen
    My plans have changed. Can I change the time for returning the car?
    If you want to change the time of return during your rental period, please contact our Naha Airport Office.
    The office will check other upcoming bookings to see if you can change your time.