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    Travel Rent-a-car Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes the protection of your personal information as important and handles your personal information as follows. However, we do not collect, store, use or provide your personal number.

    Compliances of laws and regulations

    we comply with laws and ordinances, concerning the protection of personal information, ordinances, internal regulations etc.

    Definition of personal information

    Personal information is information about individual customers and includes information such as name, address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, e-mail address, license number, work information (name, affiliation, telephone number, etc.), Other descriptions etc. that can identify customers.

    Purpose of using personal information

    1. The purpose of acquiring and using your personal information is as follows.
    ① To conduct customer identification and review.
    ② As a business operator who received the business license of the rental car pursuant to Article 80, Paragraph 1 of the Road Transport Law, carry out the items obligated as the conditions for receiving the business license, such as preparing a rental certificate after the contract to do.
    ③ Customer inquired about the usage status of the toll road of the customer from the expressway company etc. which operates the toll road when the customer used the toll road by the ETC system with the rental car while using the service, in order to disclose information on applicable users to expressway etc.
    ④ To inform customers about service or various events, campaigns etc. handled by us by way of sending advertisement, telephone, sending e-mail etc.
    ⑤ To conduct questionnaire surveys for customers for the purpose of developing products and services dealt with by the Company or considering improvement of customer satisfaction etc.
    ⑥ To compile and analyze personal information statistically and prepare statistical data processed into a form that cannot distinguish and identify individuals

    2.In the case of acquiring personal information of customers with Ⅱ form not stipulated in each item of the preceding paragraph, the purpose of use shall be clearly stated beforehand.

    Provision of personal information to third parties

    We will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
    1.When you have the consent of the customer.
    2. Based on laws and ordinances.
    3. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain customer's consent.
    4. It is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting healthy fostering of children and it is difficult to obtain customer's consent.
    5. In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the government agencies or local public entities or persons entrusted with them to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and obtain the consent of the customer, when there is a risk of interfering.

    Outsourcing personal information

    We may consign some or all personal information handling business.
    In that case, conclude a necessary contract with the contractor's company and manage so that the handling of personal information is done properly.

    Disclosure, change, deletion of personal information

    In the event that we are required to disclose the personal information we hold (such as notification of use purpose, disclosure, correction of contents, addition or deletion, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision of a third party) We respond promptly according to procedures.As a result, we will promptly correct or delete any incorrect information.

    Complaints handling

    We will respond appropriately and quickly to complaints concerning handling of personal information.

    Inquiry window on handling of personal information

    · Travel Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
    TEL: 098 - 987 - 5885

    About this policy change

    If the terms of this Privacy Policy are updated, we will post those changes on our website.